The Ramblings of a Mad Man

USA vs. Roman Empire

The Roman Empire rules for around about 2,000 years before it collapsed, right? America hasn’t even seen its 300th birthday at this point and it already seems like it is in the final days.

I find it hilarious when assholes compare us to the Romans. Mainly because they are SO FAR of base.

Even with psychotic emperors, constant intrigue and the threat from without, these whackos conquered most of the known world. No, they didn’t go in and “help other countries” fight their own wars and then try to rebuild their government out of their own pockets. They went out a kicked the shit out of anyone they wanted, took over and made money.

In the Roman Empire, a citizen either worked their ass off to drag themselves out of the ditch or they were left to fend for themselves in squalor. Rome did not seem to be interested in creating a welfare state.

Our own political system is based largely off the Roman Republic model. The problem for us is when our “leaders” start thinking themselves to be Roman Senators, with more power than they actually have. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Or something like that.

Okay, in ways we are like Rome, but in many other ways, they were actually far superior to the sad state that our government is in today.

Morning rant complete. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

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